Expert Contractors is a group of YOUR local contractors, hand-picked to provide a complimentary suite of services of the highest caliber.

Our primary purpose is to help you take the guess work out of hiring a local contractor. Since each member is hand-picked by the entire membership, we are, in essence, vouching for each other and ensuring the highest quality customer service, workmanship and delivery possible. A regular review process serves to maintain our high standards.

We are here for YOU

Different than other typical networking groups or approved business programs, Expert Contractors was designed for the public and encourages:

  • Accountability between members and the public
  • Public reviews and ratings of contractors
  • Regular review process of members
  • Consolidated marketing campaigns
  • Ability to combine services across multiple contractors
  • Supports small business growth
  • Maintains a healthy local economy

You deserve the highest quality workmanship in your home and business and we want to ensure you get it!

Make sure your next renovation, repair or building project contractor is an Expert Contractor!